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OurSpace is a collaboration of the Temple Aliyah and Valley Beth Shalom synagogue communities.

OurSpace is where every Jewish child, teen and adult with special needs and special abilities knows that they are welcomed and that they belong. It is where differences are appreciated and celebrated. OurSpace intends for its participants and their families to experience the embrace of a warm and welcoming community, indeed an inclusive Jewish “space.” This enables and empowers them to participate in Jewish life, synagogue life and in the LA Jewish community. 

A Hasidic tradition teaches that each letter in the Torah stands for one human soul. Just as the loss of the tiniest letter invalidates an entire Torah scroll, to neglect or forget even one human being makes God's message indecipherable, and invalidates the entire community. There must be a place in our community where every soul is celebrated, every human being, no matter how able or needy, is made to feel at home. Each soul is that precious." Rabbi E. Feinstein


OurSpace embraces each individual's unique style of learning and expression while celebrating their strengths and abilities. The professional staff follows a differentiated approach to instruction and programming in order to reach and teach the participants who exhibit a variety of skills, and strengths, learning and social challenges. With an emphasis on experiential learning through the arts, multi-modality and multi-sensory experiences, the participants can be actively engaged in the learning. For the past three decades, these programs and experiences have enabled and empowered the participants and their families to become active members in the community at large.


OurSpace creates a Kehilla Kedosha, a sacred community.

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