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OurSpace Jewish Learning Classes meet on Sunday Morning at Valley Beth Shalom 9:15-11:30 A.M.

Shaare Tikva- Gates of Hope (Ages 3 – 18)

Children and teens ages 3-18 with developmental delays and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorders are divided into classes where an emphasis on nurturing their spiritual souls. While experiencing rituals, customs and traditions for living a full Jewish life, life-long friendships and community are created. The teachers use music, art, multi-modality and multi-sensory learning experiences to reach and teach the students. Students become active participants in prayer services, Shabbat and Holiday celebrations, Tikkun Olam, and doing Mitzvot, while making friends and creating community. This program includes B'nei Mitzvah Preparation with a team of specialists and clergy.


The Artistic Spectrum of Jewish Learning Adult Class  (18-30+ yrs)

This adult learning class focuses on the theme of Hiddur Mitzvah and the celebration of every aspect of Shabbat. Learning with professional artists and trained teachers, the students experience a variety of art forms each year. Through the art of sculpting, weaving, photography, collaging, mosaic, cooking, fine art, music, and dance, students create ritual objects and art work that represent their understanding and feelings associated with Shabbat. Each year culminates with an Art Gallery featuring their work as well as a display of the professional artists that teach our students.


OurSpace  Jewish Learning Class- meets Monday/Wednesday at Valley Beth Shalom  4:00-6:15 P.M.


Moreshet- Heritage (4th - 7th Grade)
A bi-weekly class for students with a variety of learning styles. In classes with a small-teacher ratio and differentiated instruction. The Moreshet class enables students with visual, or language processing disorders, ADD/ADHD, OCD, Aspergers Syndrome, learning and social challenges to have Jewish learning and social opportunities with "like-minded" peers. Students are active participants in prayer services and song session with the entire school, and are invited to participate in the yearly Shabbaton at camp. This class includes B'nei Mitzvah Preparation with a team of specialists and clergy.

OurSpace B'nei Mitzvah Space: Every OurSpace student/participant becomes a B'nei Mitzvah. Based on the child's strengths and abilities, the preparation for a special service begins with clergy, professionals and a private tutor creating the service.  The service is designed based on what the child can do successfully and comfortably. This Jewish Life Cycle event is celebrated by all with the emphasis on life-long Jewish learning, before and after the Bar Mitzvah day.


Youth Groups and Social Activities- meets one Sunday a month at Valley Beth Shalom- 

B’Yachad Bet- Youth Group (ages 13–18+yrs)

A monthly youth program that provides teens and young adults with a warm, and caring space for socializing, learning some independent life skills and having fun. Monthly field trips to the theater, sports events, bowling, Holiday celebrations, Shabbat dinners, and special activities with their friends and community.

Parent Bagel ‘n’ Chats

Monthly parent chats offer parents a space to network, share, learn, schmooze and build community.  Parent partnership with professionals and each other is a key to the success of OurSpace programs. This program takes place once a month on Sunday mornings at VBS.

Something in OurSpace might be the right place. Learn more about the wonderful programs OurSpace offers at both Temple Aliyah and Valley Beth Shalom for you, or for someone you know is looking for their space in the community.

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