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OurSpace programs are supported and funded by the Valley Beth Shalom and Temple Aliyah synagogue communities along  with private funders and tuition.

Since the establishment of OurSpace, a first of its kind collaboration between two Conservative synagogues in Los Angeles, we have been awarded grants and/or received funds from; The Jewish Federation Valley Alliance, The Baran Family Endowment Fund, Foundation of Jewish Community, the BJE-LA Spiwak Grant and The L.A Jewish Federation to help expand existing programs while creating new opportunities to meet the needs of each synagogue community and the community at large. With an emphasis on “community”, synagogue membership is not required for participation in any of the OurSpace programs.

OurSpace is largely funded by the dedicated financial support of both the Valley Beth Shalom and Temple Aliyah communities.

There is a yearly tuition for the classes and a small fee to participate in the social programs and choir.

OurSpace supplements its overhead and programming largely through direct donations and matching gift programs.

Donations can be made to OurSpace at both synagogues or to a specific OurSpace program at each synagogue. Please go to the synagogue's website where that program takes place to donate. Click on OurSpace for your donation to go towards helping more families to access the wonderful array of opportunities offered by OurSpace at TA and VBS.



Please contact David Brook at Temple Aliyah

Bart Paccini at Valley Beth Shalom

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